JPN155 Heal all emotional pain



Incredible Piece of GEEN TOURMALINE in rough flaks forms, all natural by mother nature. Green Tourmaline is a stone that warms the heart and helps one rejuvenate vital life force energy. It’s vibrations help one tap into their emotional body to understand the emotions they feel. So often is our brain full of different stressors that it can lead one to blame how they feel on unrelated variables. Green Tourmaline helps one look past these minor annoyances to get to the root of your emotional pain. One will be able to identify the trauma they’ve been carrying and understand what it is exactly that’s holding them back from moving forward. By working with this stone continuously and tapping into the self-healing energies it provides, one will become more calm and able to look towards finding solutions to heal all emotional pain. Giving free Beads Necklace of RUBY-IN-ZOISITE professionaly strung necklace all without any chemicals and heat treatments. Made with .925 Sterling Silver without any nickel, lead or plaiting over it. Size: Length: 2″ x Width: 1 1/4″ x Weight of Pendant: 22.2 gram. Necklace can be adjustable 16″ or 18″ long, weight of necklace is: 13.6 grams. NATURE’S BEAUTY AT A VERY LOW PRICE, try using Discount Coupons given at the bottom on the main page for more deals. Get it TODAY  + get FREE shipping on us rightnow!!.

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