How do I view or edit my account information?

Please Log Into MY ACCOUNT and see your Order History, Wishlist, Change Password, Address & Account Details.

Which Credit Cards I can use as a Payment?

We take all major Credit and Debit cards like: VISA, MCARD, AMEX AND DEBIT CARDS which has visa, mastercard or amex logo on it though Paypal. Paypal is much more secure and safe for your personal info. You don’t have to open an account with Paypal if you don’t want to. So, on Invoice page: click on button above:


 at the bottom of next page: click: DEBIT & CREDIT CARD (here you can pay by your own Debit or Credit Card).

 If you have any problem, please do call us at: 323-899-1937 and we will walk you through.

Do you sell customers personal data?

We will never share, sell, exchange or distribute any of your information, with any entities. The information you provide, or we obtain, is strictly used for the processing of your order. We do not use any company or third party tracking cookies, web beacons or anything that would track you. We do use cookies to remember what you keep in your shopping cart after logout. All your credit cards numbers are kept by Paypal in an encrypted language and monitored electronically and other means 24/7 under tight safeguard. We use your name, address, phone number and email for shipping purposes to fulfill your order only. You may get our special sales, deals, low-price auctions lots, promotional offers and Free Entry Passes for Trade Shows where we participate. If you wish to stop receiving any of our marketing mailings you can easily Unsubscribe or just Contact Us to be removed or with any of your concerns.

How old a person can order?

18 years or older can place an order.

Do you mix anything in Silver contents?

All our jewelry is strictly made with .925 (92.5%) Sterling Silver NICKEL FREE. Nickel can give allergic, rash or black/green marks on your skin to some people. We guaranty in all our jewelry we sell is without nickel or any other monkey business.

Can I see my Order History?

Yes, you can see your order history by logging in your account.

Can I buy a Gift Cards?

Yes, if you can’t make up your mind what to buy right now or want to give someone a gift. You can buy a Gift Card by clicking on Gift Cards by using your credit or debit cards or simply call us at: 323-899-1937.

When We Ship?

After clearing funds we ship in 2-3 business days for stock items. Normally, we keep everything in stock and you get exactly the same piece as shown in picture. If someone buys the same item a couple of minutes before you, we will let you know it’s sold. If you interested we will show you a very similar piece, if you like it fine otherwise you get full refund right away. Sometime, Items not in stock, we can get it made if you like to wait.

How we ship:

Most of time, we use USPS. We recommend our customer to take Insurance for the safety of your order. We will send you a tracking number immediately after shipping your order.