JR310 intensify spiritual energies



Breath-taking, Unbelievable TIFFANY STONE RING FROM UTAH, Natural gem stone with incredible patterns and colors seams like nature took a day off to create this piece. Has light & dark purple, black beige and soft rust tone. HEALING PROPERTIES: It is said – Tiffany stone is affected as a jewel that carries the high resonating energies along with the exceptional metaphysical attributes. The energies of this enthralling stone intensify the spiritual energies in addition to the chakras. It triggers the higher level of chakras for augmenting the energies of the thymus chakra. The mystic vibes of the stimulated chakras too serve in receiving the assistance from the cleric.

Quality hand-made Bezel-set 925 Sterling Silver (not glued). Allergic free without any Nickel, Lead or Plating. Size: Adjustable from 7 – 10 with thick and sturdy band for a comfortable fit for everyday wear. Dimensions: Length: 1 1/2 inch x Width: 1 1/4 inch x Weight 15 grams. You see shadow or black dot on the edge of silver is only in the picture, it will come in perfect shiny silver work. Tiffany is a rare stone now, mines are closed and not letting in anybody to come on in. We are offering at a very low price right now because of what’s going on, so take advantage. This would be a precious piece in your collection so don’t let it pass by. For more deals use coupon given at the bottom of the main page +  get FREE Shipping TODAY!!

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