JP157 enthralling spiritual energies



Amazing piece of rare natural TIFFANY Stone Pendant from Utah has a beautiful story in touch of Pink, Purple and White colors. With a beautiful picture in it. It changes every time you look at it. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: It is said that Tiffany stone is a gem nugget that makes a firm link with Mother Nature in addition to the Cosmos. Tiffany stone carries the vibrations whose high, sweet vibes bring pleasure in life. Boost up the psychic gift along with the passion to achieve the desired result soon. The beautiful hues of the stone to link the heart and its energies to the thymus chakra. The reverberating vibes of this charismatic Tiffany stone too help to interpret the divine meaning of the gifted life. Done on .925 Sterling Silver in clean bezel-setting with big bail. Dimension: 3″L x 1.1/2″W and Weight 24.5 grams. Get deals on top of the sale by applying Discount Coupons given at the bottom of the main page + get FREE shipping TODAY!!Incredible millions of years old Fossil Stone called COLOUS Pendant with beautiful patterns and colors.

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