Charming TIFFANY Stone Pendant from Utah is a rare gemstone now as they don’t allow outsider to enter into the mine anymore. Very scenic hand-painted abstract patterns by nature in Purple, Beige, Brown, White and Black. 

It is said that Tiffany Stone is a universal energies but too enhance spirituality. Tiffany stone is a gem nugget that makes a firm link with the Mother Nature in addition to the Cosmos. Tiffany stone carries the vibrations whose high, sweet vibes bring pleasure in life. The subtle vibes of Tiffany stone too help to make a connection with the energies of nature and the universe. The potency of Bertrandite or The beautiful hues of the stone too link the heart and its energies to the thymus chakra. It is a gemstone that not only proffers the spiritual growth, but too evokes the spirit of love. The provoked energies help the spirit and soul to unite in concert and make a connection with the cosmos. The reverberating vibes of this charismatic Tiffany stone too help to interpret the divine meaning of the gifted life.

Made in quality bezel-setting with .925 Sterling Silver allergic-free, lead, nickel-free and no plating over silver. Size: Length 2″ x Width 1.1/4″ x Weight: 16.4 grams. Try your luck and get more discount by putting $5.00 less than the sale price in the box under NAME YOUR PRICE + get FREE shipping today!!


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