JP315 connection with the cosmos



Another beautiful TIFFANY A RARE GEMSTONE PENDANT with marvelous patterns and designs by nature in beautiful colors of light and dark PURPLE with BEIGE background. HEALING PROPERTIES:

 It is said that TIFFANY STONE carries the vibrations whose high, sweet vibes bring pleasure in life. The alluring vibes of the stone boost up the psychic gift along with the passion to achieve the desired result soon. The subtle vibes of Tiffany stone too help to make a connection with the energies of nature and the universe. The potency of Bertrandite or Tiffany stone helps the soul to build up the psychic abilities and make a strong linkage with the energies of the cleric. The beautiful hues of the stone too link the heart and its energies to the thymus chakra. It is a gemstone that not only proffers the spiritual growth, but too evokes the spirit of love. The provoked energies help the spirit and soul to unite in concert and make a connection with the cosmos. The reverberating vibes of this charismatic Tiffany stone too help to interpret the divine meaning of the gifted life.

Very well maded on 925 STERLING SILVER handmade bezel-setting, FREE OF ALLERGIC, Nickel-free, Lead-free and Plating-free. Dimensions: Length 1.1/2″ x Width 1″ x Weight 15.2 grams. Wonderful piece, at a very low price, you are gonna love it. For a limited time get more deals by using disount coupons given at the bottom of the main page + GET FREE SHIPPING TODAY!!

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