JP303 – Aura protection



Sensational designers BUTTERFLY PENDANT in LABRADORITE STONE WITH AMETHYST, BLUE-TOPAZ STONES PENDANT. All mother nature’s natural gemstones without any heat treatment or dyes.
HEALING PROPERTIES: It is said Labradorite gives an aura of protection from inside and out and strengthens physical, emotional, and spiritual life. It increases faith and trust and strengthens physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Boosts self-determination, Expanding your sixth sense while keeping you safe and prepared. A magnet of good luck, it empowers and develops spiritual growth and has great impacts on wealth, business, career, and life expectations. Hand-made, Allergic-free, Nickel-free and skin-friendly made with .925 Sterling Silver without any lead or plating. Dimensions: Length: 3 inches x Width: 2 inches x Weight: 34.8 grams. DON’T LET IT GO NOW, WONDERFUL PIECE + get FREE shipping today!!

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