JP307 – Uplifting Energy



UNUSUAL Pendant of OCEAN JASPER which has a dark green background and yellowish dots pattern on it. Designers piece with BLUE-TOPAZ AND PERIDOT STONES and BLISTER PEARL. All natural stones without any heat treatment. You are gonna love this pendant which is very eye-catching and attractive.

BENEFITS And HEALING PROPERTIES Of OCEAN JASPER: In keeping with its symbolism, ocean jasper is said to provide calm, uplifting energy to the holder in trying times, feeding into a more optimistic outlook on life. The stone aids clearer communication and enhances self-confidence as well as self-insight. Done on .925 Sterling Silver allergic-free and without any nickel, lead or plating on it. Dimensions: Length 1 3/4 inches x Width 1.2 inches x Weight 8.6 grams. Right now on a special deal and FREE shipping on us.!!

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