JP296 – Rosaline(Heals the body)



What a beauty of nature THULITE STONE also called ROSALINE comes from Norway and Australia founded in 1820.  It is said that this stone has a good healing power to aid in breaking destructive habits and fighting addictions. It gives us the strength to move on from the errors of our past. Also known to improve construction, balance, and co-ordination and has a powerful effect on your life force energy, regenerating and healing the body. Dimension: Length 2 1/2 inch x Width 1 1/4 inch x Weight 16 grams. Beautiful colors of pink on a beige background with incredible hand-made detailed filigree work around it. Done on .925 Sterling Silver, allergic-free and without any nickel, lead, or plating in it. Hard to find this stone at a very low price + GET A FREE SHIPPING offer for a limited time!!

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