JP247 – For Success & Determination



Marvelous Pendant of LAPIS LAZULI with hand faceted AMETHYST in marquee shape and SKY BLUE TOPAZ in round shape. Designers’ piece done with .925 Sterling Silver without any nickel or plating. HEALING PROPERTIES: It is said – this stone is one way to help you concentrate and think about how life can bring you success and determination. Lapis lazuli can be the best among others to wear at work. It allows you to decide where to step forward and when not. It is used for those struggling with their goals and directions to take. Lapis lazuli home accessories can bring protections and add positive energy inside the house. It can neutralize energy in all family members that calms the surroundings and can produce peace and harmony. You may place it on the altar to absorb more powers from the Divine. Dimensions: Length appx: 2″ x Width 1/2″ x Weight 7.4 grams. Incredible piece, get it now + get FREE shipping TODAY!

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