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Sensational Pendant of COLOUS FASSIL millions of years old stone before dinosaurs. Amazing patterns with mix of brown, beige and off white colors.

Properties: It is said that Colous Fossil has strong connection with the earth — When you use this stone, you will feel a strong connection with Mother Earth and the environment. This will make you more concerned about the ecosystem and there will be a strong bonding between you and the Earth. Improves intuition — This natural trusted item is used for improving intuition or sixth sense. The power of instinct gets increased. It will help you in watching the future and the wonderful possession, especially for the astrologists.

Enhancing trust and self-confidence – Those who are looking for improving the level of confidence can take help from Colus Fossil as it will help in building the trust and self-confidence in you. Providing stability – If you are confident and stable in your decision then Colus will help you in resolving this issue. Prosperity in all areas of life – This wonderful gemstone is attracting an abundance of happiness in all the phases of your life.

Providing courage in difficult situations — if you are feeling a lack of courage in the difficult times, then this stone will help you in gathering the required boldness. This stone will provide you with essential courage so that you can come out easily from problematic situations. Forming a soothing atmosphere – This amazing gift of nature is used for creating a peaceful ambiance around you.

Oval and dome shape done on .925 Sterling Silver, allergic-free without nickel or plating and in quality bezel-setting. Dimensions: Length 2″ x Width 1.1/4″ x Weight 14.8 grams. You are gonna love it, Click to add in your cart + get FREE shipping TODAY!!

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