JP220-helps consciousness & spiritual learning



Dynamite natural “RUBY-IN-ZIOSITE” stone with genuine GARNET faceted, set on .925 Sterling Silver, hand-made. No nickel, plating or lead in silver and allergic free. Ruby Zoisite has a strong spiritual nature that will also help your consciousness and spiritual learning. It will give you access to your soul memory, will be a very potent tool to anyone who wants to reawaken her spirituality. The unique harmony of the stone’s colors and symbolizes the sense of bliss that you can enjoy in life when you allow yourself to relax and let go.

Dimensions: Length: 2 1/2 inch long, Width: 1inch, Weight: 13.4 grams. VERY EYE CATCHING PIECE IN BEAUTIFUL ABSTRACT BRIGHT COLORS, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. Get more deals by using coupons given at the bottom of main page  + get free shipping TODAY!!

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