JP119 – CHARORITE disperse negative energies!!



Nice Pendant of CHLORITE stone in purple color. Incredible detailed Handmade hammered-chipped detailed work around the stone and enhanced by gold plaiting. Stone Properties: It is said that Chlorite will align and unblock your energy meridians by helping you release your emotional wounds, whether old or fresh. This crystal will enhance your energetic connections and teach you the value of oneness and being connected. It will disperse the negative energies that cause you to feel negative emotions and think negative thoughts. Chlorite is also a good crystal to meditate on because it builds a conscious connection with the energies of the earth. It will allow you to connect to the high vibrations of your spiritual guides. It will also bring a heightened sense of awareness so that you can achieve an enlightened view of life.

Done with .925 solid Sterling Silver without any guilt, nickel or plaiting. Dimensions: around 2″ Long x 1″Wide x Weight: 6.2 grams. Small and cute piece you are going to love it, allergic-free, eye-catching piece at a very low price. Click and add into your Cart plus get FREE shipping TODAY!!

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