JP316-self acceptance & forgiveness



Incredible piece of BLUE MOJAVE and BLUE TOPAZ stones Pendant with beautiful patterns, color and copper in it. Bazel setting with .925 Sterling Silver allergic free and without any nickel, lead or platting. Eye-catching piece with a bigger bail for heavy chain and over bead necklace. Crystal Healing Properties: Mojave Turquoise represents the wisdom that comes from all of life’s experiences. It reminds us that wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace the totality of who we are and what we have learned. Turquoise is a stone of self forgiveness, self acceptance and the release of useless regrets. Dimension: Length 2 3/4 inch x 2 inch x Weight 21.4 grams. Very attractive piece with designers’ touch. See if you can get more off by using coupons given at the main page. DO IT TODAY, YOU ARE GOINA LOVE IT + get free shipping on us TODAY!!

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