Jewels Of India proudly announces our newly redesigned iPhone and Laptop friendly website. Hope this would be easier and helpful for your future orders. As you know we look for the best world has to offer in rough stones materials which we craft and design into high-quality unique and exotic silver jewelry. Using natural unusual and hard to find gemstone is our speciality. All pieces are handcrafted by masterful artisans and made with .925(92.5%) sterling silver. We consciously create each piece for healing, spiritual awakening and self-empowerment! We have been creating and bringing such an incredible collection for the last 35 some years and are based in Los Angeles(USA). 

India is a land of Colors, Masters, Yogis, Temples, Kings, Queens, Maharajas, Forts and Landmarks. Tourists love India for it’s many beautiful architects of Forts and Temples. Biggest Diamond in the world called “Koh-i-noor” was found in India and lots of other Gem Stones mine in India. Jewelry making is a vast industry to create and design jewelry for within India and cater to the world. Here we bring you the best under our strict quality control and unique and clean bezel setting nickel free pieces. Keeping you in mind for those who get allergic, rash or green marks on their skin due to cheap metals mixed within silver even though some big companies put stamp mark of .925 sterling silver on it.

We have been designing clothing and jewelry since 1978 bringing beautiful hand-woven fabrics clothes in incredible colors out of Morocco and enchanting colors of Batik painters from Bali (Indonesia), hand embroidered and beautiful prints from India and Thailand. Our clothing and jewelry lines were hit at it’s peak in 1990’s where models wearing our designs on the runway of New York Boutique Shows, Las Vegas and Los Angeles clothing & accessories shows which featured in many fashion news papers.

Now we are engaged into many different top and well renowned Jewelry Shows like Intergems, Gem Fairs, Gift shows and Tucson Show showing our selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry with many rare and unusual gemstones which are recently mined and not even in the market yet. Also, we have added our High-End Gems line In Gold plated and black rhodium on Sterling Silver. We are using top quality of gems like Emerald, Ruby, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue Sapphires, Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Opals and  the best Garnets in the world from Mozambique(Africa) and many more. 

We thank you so much for visiting our website and assure you would love our selection and would like to have a piece or two while these pieces are still there. So, please go ahead and click on your favorite stone piece before it flies away with someone else. 

B.J. SINGH & Harjee