Terms and Conditions


Almost every piece goes through our utmost quality control. We use high end stones only and direct our stone-cutters to cut the rock in order to get scenic part, patterns and colors of the stones even we have to loose some or most part of the rock.  Our Silver setting is very clean and bezeled set and nickel free which most likely will not give an allergic, rash to 99.9% people or black/green marks on your skin. Moreover, our stones are not glued in which most of our competitors are using, you must have an bad experience of having a stone poped out in couple of weeks. That’s why they say: “You got what you paid for”. Always, look for quality even though you have to pay few dollars more.


We have the best and biggest selection of unusual, rare and unique gems stones as compare to many companies and competitors out there in the US. We always, try to stand ahead of the game, we believe someone can beat us in price couple of dollars lower but not Quality and Selection.  We have lots of unusual stones from the new mines which are not even in the market yet.


In stock items will be shipped within 3-5 days after receiving payment in full.


You may return any unmodified and unworn item within 14 days of Invoice for exchange or credit only. We reserve the right to amend this policy anytime without prior intimation to anyone.


Please check online at our website or email to us. Please mention your invoice or order number with your communication.


We appreciate for your positive feed back and thank you for leaving us a 5 stars, we appreciate you in advance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All our jewelry is made with .925 (92.5%) Sterling Silver, otherwise its mentioned. To give some pieces a Gold look we do have Gold & Rose, Gold & Black Rhodium plated on top of .925 Sterling Silver. We are very quality conscious and use only 925 (92.5%) sterling silver free of nickel metal or GS which can give some people an allergy, rash or green/black marks on their skin. We guarantee that we don’t use these cheap metals at all.


We do take payment by PayPal which is one of the leading companies using very high-tech fool proof system to encrypt your personal and credit card info and have tight security and electronic safety in hands. 163 million account holders trust their safeguard and security from all over the world. You can also pay by your check, mail check payable to: B.J. International in US funds only. We will be shipping after your funds are cleared through our bank.


Wholesalers and Tax Exempt Identities will get 60% off on a regular retail prices. They have to fill up electronic form, a window opens up at time of invoice. By clicking YES, they acknowledge that they are in business of jewelry or jewelry related and have a valid License matches to their business name and current address. Please provide us a copy of your Tax-Exempt certificate attached in your email as soon as possible, so that we can ship your order on time. Wholesale minimum order is $500.00 and repeated orders could be $200.00. For bigger quantity we can offer more off, please send us an email and we can send you a special Discount Offer Code # which you can use at time of placing your order online or you can call us at: +91 323 899 1937 by email to us at jewelsofindia@hotmail.com.


We do not ship to P.O. Box. For a limited time, we are offering a Free Shipping, which is a free domestic shipping without any insurance and tracking services.  We do recommend our customers to click on the invoice and take insurance and tracking for the safe delivery of your order.


Please let us know right away if something is not what you ordered and would like to exchange with something else. We would do our best to satisfy our customers 100%.


If you are not satisfy with what you got and would like to return, please send us an email with your name, address and an order number and date of purchase within 14 days of your receiving package. After receiving your email we would send you a Return Authorization Code to write on the box. Merchandise has to be shipped back to us within 20 days from day you receive. We will not accept any returns without a Return Authorization Code written on the box. Buyer pays return shipping charge. Please make sure you packed the box with good insulation papers or with bubble pack and have the box fully insured. We are not responsible for any damage or lost of box to us. Please do not send us any return as a  C.O.D., we do not accept any returns on C.O.D.


Like all fine jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry should be handled carefully. Store jewelry in a plastic zip bag, dry and wrapped in tissue paper or non-tarnished sheets when not being worn or displayed. Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth when necessary, but never subject to chlorine, silver dips, chemical solutions or ultrasonic cleaners, as these substances can cause the genuine gemstones to discolor. Never wear jewelry in a swimming pool or shower. Some stones like drusy can change colors while doing dishes or hand wash with a harsh soaps or chemicals.  Try not to spray perfumes directly on your jewelry for it’s luster for years to come.


Our prices may differ at our Trade Shows compare to our website. It all depends on the price of silver and availability of stones when we buy in bulk. Sometimes, we get deals on a big quantity lots of stones. So, please do not compare Trade Show price with our website prices.


We try to show pictures of the item as near as possible. Sometimes, it may be larger than the piece to show details of the piece or setting of the camera.


We are very quality conscious and use only 925 (92.5%) sterling silver free of nickel metal or GS which can give you allergy, rash or green/black marks to some. We guarantee that we don’t mix these kinds of metals at all.


Get Coupons – It’s Free! You can request to Sing in for News Letter at the earliest possible to get Bargains on our Low Prices Auctions, Deals of the day on lots of unusual pieces, Trade Show Specials Discounts, Close Outs, Clearance. Free Coupons which can be redeemed at our Trade Shows near you or use against to purchase any piece you like on our website or on the Auctions. All Coupons have expiry date, please make sure you redeemed during the valid period. Some Coupons come with Free Ground Shipping within 48 states except Hawaii and Alaska.

Disclaimer: We have listed some of the properties of the stones, which are taken from some books and other websites. We assume these properties are true. We do not claim or tested in anyway for the authenticity and don’t want to be held responsible for any reason.The use of crystals as alternative therapy is one of personal choice. We recommend that you consult your health care provider for information on health care issues and that you consult a financial expert for matters of a business nature. We discourage anyone from discontinuing a prescribed medication or course of treatment without consulting their health care provider

The information provided in our store is both intuitive and derived from traditional wisdom sources which may not be verifiable by scientific methods advocated by the FDA or other governmental agencies. We offer no guarantee of any results with the use of crystals that we recommend or sell. Our crystals and other stones jewelry are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Some people have no idea what they are buying, they just look for the cheapest deals.  This doesn’t work out in jewelry business. If price is too good to be true, means something is fishy. Don’t feel bad when you start wearing at home and you are not fully satisfied or happy about it. Always, look for a quality first even you have to pay few bucks more. If the price is too low in the trade shows or on the internet from foreign companies, use common sense how they can sell an item lower than silver market price. What if the piece have so many cut-gem stones, price should be lot more. There are lots of companies out there who are using Glass and they looks like real stones in the pictures and they name them like Tanzanite, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires but in actual they are selling you glass and using GS(German silver), silver plated or silver filled instead of real .925 (92.5%) sterling silver.  Our recommendation is always buy from a reputable company doing business in the US where they stand behind their products and you have an access if their is any question or problem.